What to ExpectThe Brain Health Club

Getting Started on Your Journey

Program Overview Assessments

Your first visit includes an overview of our program and a holistic health assessment: cognitive, physical, nutrition/diet, metabolic and vascular risk factors, social and sleep health measurements. This visit can take up to 90 minutes, or can be split over two visits if more convenient.

Visit #1

Visit #2

Results Review
Personalized Plan

Our BrainHealth coaches will submit your assessment results to our Scientific Advisory Board and generate your BHI. Based on the BHI, a personalized training plan will be developed and discussed with you on your second visit. During the visit we will introduce you to a selection of our brain training exercises and games and set you up on our unique Milon 2.0 exercise circuit.

Cognitive and Physical Training
Attend a Group Class

On your third visit you begin training which includes both cognitive and physical sessions (20 minutes for cognitive and 40 minutes for physical). Your visit can be scheduled to include a group class after your individual training. A schedule of group classes is included in your welcome kit.

Visit #3